Ski Cabin

Cabin Address:807 Alder Avenue, Unit: 76 , Incline Village


Cabin pictures and directions: HERE

Agent :Mayra Barajas, Goldfish Properties, tel: 800/948-7311 or 775/832-4646 , cell: 775-691-8727

Gas Company :

Reservations : April 13-14

1.Downstairs Bedroom far right (2) : Jana (Sat only)

2: Downstairs Bedroom far left (2): Adrian / guest
3: Upstairs Loft (2) : Vladimir+2xgrandkids
4: Living room (1):

Cabin Rules

Rental : 1/6 to 5/6

1. Guest fees : 30$/person/night. Make checks payable to : Adrian S. and send to :20035 Northwind Sq, Cupertino , CA 95014. The fees are due on the day the guest uses the reservation.

2. Members have priority over guests, guests may be bumped by members WITH RESERVATIONS. In this case guests can opt to share the same room with the members that sponsor them. If members show up unexpectedly without reservations, they CANNOT bump guests.

3. Reservations: please call Adrian (408)257-5907 or email him at NO EARLIER than the Monday before the weekend you want to reserve the room. A confirmation will be emailed to all cabin members on Thursday night so you know the occupancy of the rooms. In case you changed your mind, please email Adrian by Friday morning . No shows that do not send cancellation notices will get lowest priority in reserving (first offense) and loose their ability to reserve at the second offense. If you change your mind , please let me know so I can give others a chance.

4. Heating : When you leave, please turn the thermostat down to 55 degress BUT NO LOWER BECAUSE THE PIPES MAY FREEZE. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE CAUSED BY FREEZING PIPES.

5. Telephone : Please use credit cards or collect calls for long distance. Thank you!

6. Excessive snow on the roof : please call Hauserman Rental immediately if there is excessive snow on the roof. You will know that by the fact that the doors open with difficulty. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE CAUSED BY EXCESSIVE SNOW ACCUMULATION.

7. Absolutely NO PETS! The CC&R prohibit any pets in the complex.

8. If you arrive late PLEASE be CONSIDERATE of the others, do not talk loud and try to go to your assigned bedrooms as quickly as possible.